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(Interview) “I Will Feature Secular Artistes If”…. – Mike Abdul, Declares.||@mikeabdulng


BenMagRadio met with  a popular Gospel Singer  Mike Abdul, a cocktail of talents, a fantastic blend of choice abilities. His creative displays and presentations makes  him attractive as a songwriter, singer, music producer, music consultant and trainer. and a record label owner, in an interview session hosted by @Ben_Peletu an OAP, where the fuji fusion singer tells us more about his forthcoming Birthday coming up on Friday 12th Of Feb. 2016, and also dim it fit to reveal every facts in his career and in the Gospel music industry. Happy Birthday in Advance to the C.E.O of Spaghetti Record.
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Q: Good afternoon sir, quickly, concerning your Birthday celebration in days to come, are there any Party or church thanksgiving for it or what should your fans be expecting from you? 

M.A: Two churches will host me that day, and I am giving “Korede” as birthday song, let my fans get it.
Q: What is the biggest birthday gift you are expecting from your fans on your birthday?
M.A: To buy my songs.
Q: if you see any fan that present you an exotic car or house at the same time get your song, what would you consider as biggest gift in these categories?
M.A: If 1Million fans buy my song, that’s big.
Q: Which mean 1million fans buying your song is bigger than any exotic car or house from them?
M.A: Yes!
Q: You were being called many nickname among your fans which you are aware of, which of these name do u love most?
M.A: Maybe “Junior Brother Jesu”
Q: What made you signed A’dams into your record label?
M.A: I signed him because it was time, I just sensed it in my spirit, time and chance plus spirit.
Q: We know you received many complement awards from different organisations both home and abroad, how many should your fans be expecting this year 2016? 
M.A: Greater things.
Q: Which of your tracks would you consider the most powerful hit?
M.A: Definitely MoRiRe
Q: What should your fans be expecting this year?
M.A: My second album should drop this year 
Q: Like some gospel Artiste are glamour to feature foreign Gospel singers, do you plan to feature anyone, and who is your target?
M.A: None, because our local colleagues are international too, really don’t see the necessity yet, I will do it if necessary. 
Q: What’s your take, Gospel Artiste featuring Secular Artiste?
M.A : I have no problem with that, if it’s an expression of “ART” it’s okay to feature a secular Artiste.
Q: What about the word “Gospel” that is involved?
M.A : if I’m doing a song that talks about PEACE in Nigeria, I’ll FEATURE A SECULAR ARTISTE IF NECESSARY, depend on what I’m talking about in the song and who I’m trying to reach.
Q: Your take on gospel event planners and Art selling tickets for a concert 
M.A: Not a problem, depend on the purpose, a concert is a concert, you don’t spend less on planning and logistics because it’s gospel. If you have enough creative content to sell, why not? I will be amazed if people can actually pay to cone see a Gospel concert. There must be some level of irresistible creativity and creativity is an innate inheritance, it’s a deposit of a creative God who made us in His image, it’s a gift people can’t resist, people pay for it.
Q: What is the pain and Gain as far as you are concerned being a Gospel Singer and record label boss?
M.A: You gain. No loss, being a Gospel Artiste is you dedicating your trade to things that the maker of all things wants. You go through the difficult path of hard work, and hard work is profit. You learn how it works and if doesn’t. Dedicating all that to things that pertain to Godliness is submitting yourself to the lordship that can never be equalled. This Lord owes no one, He is just, He pays.
Q: when would Monique deal with Spaghetti Record expire? 
M.A : that’s private, can’t discuss contract of a company.
BENMAGRADIO : Thanks for the privilege given and your time
M.A: welcome




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