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(Interview) “I’m Not a Gospel Artiste..” Father Syndrum, Gospel Rapper Reveals

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BenMagRadio Caught up with the sensational Gospel Rapper Father Syndrum in an Interview Section organised and hosted by a United Kingdom(UK) Based Gospel act promoter #Sophiefey, where the Osun born rapper reveals some fact about his Career and ministry.

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Q: Tell us a bit about yourself?

FS: I’m Father Syndrum by name from Osun State, a graduate of Lautech University Ogbomosho in Oyo State, I’m a Gospel Singer.

Q: Like you finished from Lautech and becamea Gospel Singer….?

FS: Laugh…. No, there is nothing like Music department in Lautech, I studied Physics ‎Electronics, but music has been a part of me just like an addicts. It’s what I like doing every time…. it’s my talent.

Q: Is FS married?

FS: No, I’m single and not in a hurry

Q: Guess, like your name sound “Father Syndrum” you play drums very well.

FS: I’m not perfect in playing drum but I can sing and rap to any beat.

Q: But why not go in line with what you spent time studying, minding the fact you studied Physics… and now into music, why Gospel and not Secular

FS: You know in most cases, it’s not always about what you study, and as for secular and gospel I could have easily done that but I believe I. Bringing the lost back to christ…. many youth of today love secular… like even rap songs. What of turning their hip pop ‎beat to gospel and preach what will bless God in it.

Q: Can we still say you were called or you just have interest in music…?

FS: Interest could come and go but the call of God would never be forgotten.

Q: that’s should be the spirit of any “called”‎ Gospel Act?

FS: I don’t call myself Gospel Artist, because Artiste are in most cases made to entertain, but I’m a Gospel Minister or preacher.

Q: How Long ago has FS being in this ministry?

FS: Like five (5) year ago but haven’t been so serious until 2years ago.

Q: What Brough about the seriousness?

FS: I got born again.

Q: Any challenges, Pain and Gain?

FS: The Pains are always what you normally do before and you find yourself not been able to do it again because your ways has change. The gain there are so much especially the happiness and the joy I received when I am doing something for God

Q: How many album have you?

FS: Still working on my first album.

Q: Hope you have a protégé? 

SF: I’m under a record label called Anilabs Record with the support of Prophet M.S Abajesurin who is the C.E.O of the record label.

Q: How do you fund your project? 

FS: it’s done with the help of Anilab record.

Q: With the present trend in gospel music industry under the present dispensation, what can you say about secular acts turning overnight to become a Gospel act, is this a calling too or fame seeking phase or is it for money or for lust?

FS: Well, I believe when a Gospel act turns to secular, that’s for fame, last and money seeking. But when someone suddenly change to gospel from secular, I guess reason should be asked from the party, because‎ some change back to gospel when they feel their secular is no more working.

Sophiefey : Thanks you for honoring us FS! We say thank you.

FS: Thanks ma.


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