The grand prize winner of the quiz competition in the annual evangelistic event of (Campus Outreach Mission Nigeria) tagged BETHSAIDA 2016
with the theme “THE HEROD & THE STARS” Mr Akindeyi Oluwafemi said he gave his life to christ in the event years back and thank God for making him the overall winner. He also bare his mind on other issues in an interview session with Benmagradio lead by Oluniyi Isamotu. Excerpt 
Q: Can we meet you? 
 Mr Femi: I’m Mr Akindeyi Oluwafemi John, a native of ogbomoso and a graduate of bio-chemistry department of Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso Oyo state
 Q: You are the grand winner of BETHSAIDA2016 quiz competition, how did you do it? 

 Mr Femi: All glory and praise be to God, he has being our sustainer, provider of wisdom, knowledge and his understanding, everything is just as a result of God’ mercy and favour coupled with my own hardwork. I got a bible passage from first Corinthians chapter 15 vs 8, “where people were saying that among other disciple, it was not as a result of his work that brought him forth but as a result of his grace that he obtain.” Also i can consider it as a grace i obtained that made this possible although coupled with hardwork and determination. 

 Q: When you were announced as the winner, how did you feel? 
 Mr Femi: I feel totally excited that God has done it, because i promised God that i don’t want to be a runner-up in the competition neither third-place.. I have purported in my mind that am going to sow the tithe of the first position back to God if he will help me be the winner and give testimony. When i was praying this morning(the day of the competition), i just remember am a year older, so i told God i want a birthday gift, apart from spiritual blessing i ask God i also want a financial blessing and God did it (Halleluyah) 

 Q: What did you had in mind when you were coming for this program? 
 Mr Femi: My mindset was that i was having a minimum of two people to contend with during the quiz competition, but by and large, i prepared my heart to stand out, that mindset help me all through to stand out from the crowd… I know the participants will be many with standard to show, but with God’s grace and mercy on my life i prepared and tried my best and God crown my effort.

 Q; In one sentence, how can you describe this program?
 Mr Femi: Its a programme that has been a blessing to this generation and me particularly i re-dedicated my life to christ through this programme. Through this programme have been blessed spiritually, financially and in every right God has been a blessing to me.

 Q: Thank you for your time with us!
 Mr Femi: Its my pleasure 
 BETHSAIDA Is an annual evangelical congress of students graduates, youth corpers, youth and other individual from various campuses and places across the nation and convene by Pastor Niyi Adebayo Chaplain: Chapel of Grace, (Anglican Communion),Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso and National Co-ordinator of Campus Outreach Mission Nigeria.


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