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(Interview) “How Children Helps Our Ministry” Alfa Sule Confess

The President and founder Of The Christ Chosen Vessels popularly known as Alfa Sule , Mr Femi Ajewole has disclosed in an interview session with BenMagRadio, how children helped their ministry,
he disclosed this at the Bethsaida Annual Congress which was held at the Redeem Christian Fellowship (RCF) Auditorium Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology. The interview which was hosted by Benmagradio correspondent Chris Kenny and Adelanwa Adedayo revealed so many things about the ministry. Enjoy As you read.
 Q: Can we meet you?
 Mr Femi: My name is Oluwafemi Ajewole, the president of Christ Chosen Vessels International ministry A.K.A Alfa Sule. 

 Q: What has being your impact in the film industry so far? 

 Mr Femi: By the grace of God, He has really help us to impact people positively, God has used our ministrations to restore broken homes, He has used us for the salvation of life, we have heard a lot of testimonies like when they are sad and put on their TV to watch our movie their joy would be restore back.

  Q: What is the latest gist about your production? 
 Mr Femi : Last year December we released “Ijinle” and we are working on another script presently, so let our people watch out.

 Q: What brought about the slang that goes viral in one of your movie that’s goes thus “We have dictation”?   

 Mr Femi: We actually gave our friends that, when I said our friends I’m referring to the children at large because they made their parents know Alfa Sule, they said a lot of slants like “Oti Gan paa” which is very funny to them, so we thought of what we can give them again that’s was how we thought of that concept. But thank to Holy Spirit because we are able to combine lesson and people enjoyed it, like somebody said some where that it depends on what you want to learn in Alfa Sule movie, if it’s laugh you get it there if it’s lesson you will still find it” 
 Q: What should your fans be expecting from you soon? 

 Mr Femi : If God permit us, I believe we are bringing out one tittle “Agbelebu” means (The Cross). This is a kind of concept by the help of Holy Spirit that will be directed to the married and youth, the script is is talking about seeking the face of God while you are choosing in marriage and many more lessons embeded inside, just watchout for us.  
BenMagRadio : Thanks for your time here sir

 Mr Femi : You are welcome sir


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