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BenmagRadio caught up with Muyiwa Nafiu an Osun State born worship leader and the Music director
of both Campus Outreach Mission Nigeria and Nigeria Corpers Campus Fellowship (NCCF), Niger state chapter at the BETHSAIDA 2016, an annual congress of campus fellowship and he explain what it takes to lead worship in church.
 Q; Can we meet you? 
 Mr Nafiu; I’m Muyiwa Nafiu Kolade 
 Q; What are you into?
 Mr Nafiu; I’m a worship leader
 Q; What do inspire you to lead worship?
 Mr Nafiu; God is the inspiration behind worship, because God is the Chief worship leader.
 Q; What’s the importance and benefit of worshipping God? 

 Mr Nafiu; The original context of worshipping God is beyond singing. Worshipping God makes you feel more of God, worshipping God as we behold him makes us to be transform into the same image from glory to glory 

 Q; What’s the benefit a believer can gain in worshipping God? 
 Mr Nafiu; As i said earlier, it gives us breakpoint. You have the power of God over other things on earth as they become your subject because God actually place man over everything. So as you worship God, you come into the authority of that dominion God has given us. 

 Q; We all understand that most worship leader in our churches are now professional gospel singer, are you one or planning to be? 
Mr Nafiu; Yes I am 
 Q; Any single to your credit?

 Mr Nafiu; Yes

 Q; What’s the title?

 Mr Nafiu; Awon Alade lo Yio Ka
 Q; When was it released?

 Mr Nafiu; Jan 27, 2016
 Q; What are you working on now?
Muyiwa Nafiu Ministring At Bethsaida

 Mr Nafiu; Presently am taking a break, because am serving in Niger state, I’m using that time to gather momentum. If its about song, their are many songs have written! But am waiting for good time.

 Q; Has gospel music being commercially viable to you?
 Mr Nafiu; For me as a person, as much as i can say, people do prefer the commercial part of music but overtime i have minister at places where i had to sponsor myself to the venue. Its actually not about the money, the advise is just to hold onto him and you will get paid for what you doing at the right time.
 Q; Where did you see yourself in the next five years?
 Mr Nafiu; Ok, the specific place is seeing God getting bigger in my mind, but i see myself bigger than this in authority and influence.
 Q; Your message to your fans?
 Mr Nafiu; My message for them is that they should keep their eyes on God, and focus on him as we keep our gaze on him, he is going to help us.. 
 BenmagRadio; Thank you for speaking with BenmagRadio! 
 Mr Nafiu; Its my pleasure


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