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New Music:EARTBEAT BY CHARLZ @charlz_official @DannyDeuceAce cc: @churchhillent


Everybody dey form tough, nobody wants to look weak and rightly so, but
regardless of the public show, we know we all go through hard stuffs sometimes.

Ever come to that point of wanting to give up? Take some time out in
“quiet solitude” and listen to your heart beat for it is a reason to
carry on, a rhythm to play.
Charlz presents his heart beat song in his own unique style. His message
is simple and straightforward:
You can make it through your storms
You can make it through the night
There’s a shelter up ahead
There’s a ray of light for you
All you need to carry on 
Is the sound of your heartbeat
In your quiet solitude
Hear the sound of your heart beat
There’s a God in your heart beat, God lives within you, so keep on
Enjoy this tune by Charlz and get super motivated and inspired!


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