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Can’t Go Back By Araleyi Adeyemi

Meet Celestina Adeyemi popularly known as Araleyi. A gospel contemporary Artiste, a Song Writer and a producer, married with  beautiful kids. She was born as the first child to her family of Five on June 17 at Kwara state, Nigeria. A native of Ekiti state, Her career as a Professional singer began in 2010 when she did Ojo Kukuru (Tribute) for her late dad..
 The name Araleyi came from fans who saw her as a unique being because of the way she uses her voice.The inspiration behind my new Song titled Can’t Go Back comes from understanding that to make heaven is a serious business for every christian.The bible says we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.I was gracefully broken,Mercy spoke for me,i am free,i feel peace within,i got to know the magnificient of God and how much of  unconditional love he has for mankind, I see everything in this world as vanity,nothing matters to me anymore than just making heaven.That is what inspired the song.


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