You Amaze Me – Emeka Uzoho

Emeka Uzoho releases a wonderful song tittle ” You Amaze Me”


Emeka Uzoho debuts with You Amaze Me [Chukwuobioma] ~ @emmyuzohoEmeka Uzoho fondly called “ZaSerenader” is a practicing Public Health Officer by vocation yet holds onto his lifelong passion: Singing and Song writing. An inspirational gospel R&B singer, passionate about sharing God’s goodness, being a bridge of hope to the hopeless and letting the world know that gratefulness is the way to get more from God. “You Amaze Me -Chukwuobioma” is his first debut single produced by Donwify. A song of thanksgiving and gratitude, seeking to inspire and draw the attention of the world to God’s amazing faithfulness, grace and mercy. The song captures his soulful and velvety voice in expressing his personal experience of God’s goodness.  “God is just too amazing, I want to just serenade and make Him smile, have everyone singing of his everlasting love, nothing compares to the promise we have in Him” God is awesome. …….

Lyrics – You Amaze Me
Intro… You amaze me, sometimes I really wonder…
You surprise me, how do you even do it…Oh God,you amaze me, sometimes I really wonder…. You.. surprise me, how do you do it
When I think of what you’ve doneHow you did it for me, I’m amazed…(2*)When my back was against the wall…You kept me lifted you didn’t let me fall
ChorusYou amaze me, You are awesomeYou are good to me, you’re my everythingOooh ooh, ChukwuobiomaOooh ooh Chi onye nwe ikeYou amaze me,You are awesomeYou are good to meMy everything…
Guitar Interlude  Verse 2How you intentionally do the things you do for me Unconditional love inspite of me I’ll forever stand in awe of your mercy and love ooh God It’s your amazing grace, how sweet that sound, that save the world even someone like me…I’ll forever stand in awe of your mercy and love ooh God
repeat Chorus
Vamp- You amaze me (you are amazing)You are awesome, (You are awesome)You are good to me, my everythingRepeat Chorus

I’m amazed by your love, I’m amazed by goodness, I’m amazed by your favor oooh God
When I think about the things that you do for me God,I’m so amazed Jesus….Thank you for your loving kindness, Thank you for your mercy God…..ooh! Oooh!! Chukwuobioma, oooh!Chinonye nwe ike, Nara ekele

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